Why do kids love electric vehicles?

E300SKids are very innocent. They are generally very straight forward. Gifts are always welcome to them. The likes and dislikes of kids and children cannot be easily predicted. Acceptability for any toy automatically depends upon their mood as well. They are greatly fascinated by toys, dolls, cars, rides, etc… Since electric ones are very much in trend, they tend to amuse kids greatly. Children just love these kinds of toys. Once these rides get into their hands they just want to ride on immediately.

Electronic gadgets, models have evolved with technological advancements. Not only children but even adults are fascinated by these devices. Other than such toys, electric vehicles are also becoming one of the most popular ones among children. Cars, trucks, tanks and other automobile are among the common toys that children play with. It becomes more interesting when these toys come in the form of rides. There is variety of electric ride ons or vehicles available in the market.

Popular Electric Vehicles

Electric Scooters, Electric trains, Radio controlled cars / trucks, electric bikes are popular electric vehicles. Price wise these are on a little higher range then other common toys. Why do these toys fascinate children? Electric toys are automated. They come with various attractive features. Let us explore and learn about these features in detail.

Features of Electric Vehicles:

Attractive style & look

Electric vehicles come in different types of car models, truck models as well as bike models. Even various automobile companies have started manufacturing these toy models for children.

Radio Control feature

Many of these models are radio or remote controlled. This is very safe because even if the child is on the driver’s seat, the control is in the hands of the parents. There is a remote which control the speed, the direction, the brakes and other similar functions. So with adults handling the remote it becomes a safe device for children to ride in. Other then this electric scooters do not even need parents to control them. The child just has to press the start button and the vehicle moves on its own.


Electric vehicles are safe as the speedometer has a set speed limit. Ensuring every safety parameter, the speedometer does not exceed its limits. With all these features and attractive looks, an electric vehicle does become a child’s favorite. Before gifting their children with these electric vehicles, parents should ensure to make them educated and learned about the safety and precautionary measures as well.

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My baby’s First Baby Spa

Baby SpaThe concept of spa has been established to give people some moments of relaxation. With growing technology and advancements, there has been enhancement in the spa world. With busy daily schedules everyone now wants a way to relax and rejuvenate. Be it a hardworking professional, a full time mother or then cute little babies. Yes even babies need a good spa.

I drove with my baby to a nearby mall, roamed in her favorite baby carrier and I saw a baby spa shop. I liked the concept and went for it. Here are the details which I asked with the team:

What is Baby Spa?

Baby spa is not a mere trend but an important regime to follow on a daily basis. The concept compromises of massages, some easy exercises and a good bath.

Babies are very delicate, tiny and soft to handle. There many professionals who may offer these kind of services. The good news is, the mother or the parent can themselves give their babies a good relaxing spa. It is very normal for every new parent to be a little afraid while doing the spa. It is not that difficult, it is just about handling the baby gently.

The Products to be Used for the Baby Spa

Many parents prefer traditional ways of giving the baby a spa. Apart from this there are many baby spa products available in the market. One can research or consult from the doctor for the brands best suited for the body. Mostly for baby massages the parents can use vitamin E enriched oil. Vitamin E is considered to be beneficial for the baby skin as well as in strengthening their muscles.

How to give your Baby a Good Spa?

baby massageWhile giving the baby a massage, use vitamin E enriched oil or lotion. Lay the baby on a soft massaging mat. Remove baby’s clothes and start massing from the head. Gently move downwards to baby’s face, neck, shoulder, hands and so on till feet. Keep your movements slow and light. For hands and legs parents can rub them upwards. As for feet and arms you can press them very gently using your fingers and thumbs. Stomach and cheeks should be massaged in circular motion.

Remember, never press hard or apply force while massaging you baby, specially the spinal cord. Many experts also make baby do some exercises by crossing their hands and then the lags. This gives the baby a stretch and flexibility. So for new parents it is advisable to do these exercises under expert’s guidance. After the massage, let your child play for a while and relax. In about 15-20 minutes give them a nice warm bath.


A baby’s skin is very delicate and soft. The matter of concern is that the skin types may differ. So whatever product you use make sure it suits your baby. The tip here is to apply the product on a small patch of baby’s skin and see if it is suiting. In fact it is advisable to talk to the baby’s pediatrician as to what products can be used.

A good spa can help the baby get a good sleep if given before the bed time. Some babies might love the spa and some might not. After all they also have moods. So it is better to give them spa when they are in a jolly mood.

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Reviews Of The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

best giftEvery season you plan to gift your kids some gift and NC headphones are some of the best items which they will definitely love. Here is my guide to headphones safety and review of some the best noise cancelling headphones. I have covered couple of them but if you need a good place to start with, Head Yo by Josh is among one of them.

You do not need to turn up the volume so that you can block the external noise, because that is just a way of damaging your ears. The solution here is a noise cancelling headphones that isolates and gets rid of the unwanted exterior noise as it preserves the real audio signal from your player. So whatever you are listening to, whether a movie, podcast, music, or an audio book, always go for a noise cancelling headphone.

Getting the best noise cancelling headphones will assure you of comfort and you can put them on, turn the power on and enjoy the silence without listening to any music. A piece of tranquility!

Here some of the best noise reduction headphones available in the market:

AKG K 490 NC:This headphone gives a perfect noise cancellation and an audio execution without alteration even when playing at a high volume. It also is cozy to put on and it functions submissively even when the noise cancellation is not active. The headphone goes for around $249.95.

Lenco-HP-08: This is a less familiar brand name that tends to be quite affordable going for $45.09 and is super efficient. When you put them on, the noise-cancelling feature pioneers a tiny hiss. The feature however will enhance the sound quality conversely as it delivers an added drive and attack.

Blackbox M10-RB: The feature of noise-cancellation in this headphone makes it directly impressive. The headphone subtracts the background noise and other than that, it delivers a classy music experience that has a deep bass, lucid vocals and original highs. You must ensure you turn the noise cancelling feature or else they will sound kind of muffled. In design aspects, the headphone is workmanlike but they are cozy and they come along with accessories like a versatile carry bag. It costs around $165.33.

Bose QuiteComfort 3: This is a product that has lasted for almost 6-years but it stands to be a current standard and enormously popular. People like it for its little form for noise cancelling and the rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours. Roughly, the headphones will cost you $400 but in regard to its performance and delivery, the headphone is worth that kind of money.

To get the best noise cancelling headphones may prove to be expensive, but if you want to enjoy that quality audio and prevent your eardrums from mutilation, then they definitely are worth their value. Enjoy your music, stay ear-safe and get yourself a noise cancelling headphone.

Gift these gadgets to your kids and the happiness you will see on their faces will make you feel like the world’s best mother.

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What Are The Advantages of Car Seats?

To decide what type of car seat to buy is not easy. This is why you need to understand the answers to the question, ‘what are the advantages of car seats?’ Basically, there are different type of car seats for kids in USA. You should learn about the different seats before you go out shopping for one. Still, there are some advantages that accrue to most type of seats, including:

a) Legal Implications

One of the advantages of car seats for kids is that buying one keeps you within the law. In most countries these days, parents are legally required to place their children in car seats before driving. These legal requirements have been put in place to ensure that children are protected in case of an accident. You should, therefore, buy a car seat if only to abide by the law and to protect your child while out on the road. To know more about car seats, go to Tot on Board and check out the reviews of the best convertible car seats.

b) Protect Your Child

The other advantage of buying a baby car seat is that it will protect your child from injuries common in road accidents. There is no telling when or where you may be in a car accident. Since most accidents lead to serious injuries, it is important that you have a mechanism in place to protect your baby in case of such an eventuality. This is where car seats come in.

c) Affordability

Although some car seats are expensive, you can find some cheap options. There are a number of budget children car seats, second hand car seats among others in the market. If you are on a tight budget, it makes more sense to invest in these seats than driving around with your baby unprotected. However, if you have a larger budget to work with, then you should get a better quality seat. Whatever the case, the cost of the car seat should be a secondary consideration. The first consideration should be to ensure that your baby is well protected at all times you take them out in your car.

d) Variety of Car Seats

The other advantage of car seats for kids is that there are many options available today. Most of these seats can be divided into forward- facing car seats and rear- racing car seats.

Rear facing car seats are recommended for young children while the front facing ones are designed for older children. The wide variety of products in this market means that you get to choose something that best matches your baby’s age, their comfort and other considerations you may have in mind.

However, as a parent, you may find yourself tempted to change to a forward- facing car seat before the time is right. Before you do this, ensure you research about each type of seat. More often than not, you will discover that it is better to keep your child in the rear- facing seat as long as possible.

You should only switch to a forward facing seat when your baby is 2 years and above, or when they reach the highest height or weight allowed by the manufacturer of the front- facing seat you wish to buy.

Overall, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you want to find the safest convertible car seat online, make sure to checkout Watchmytot.com. Car seats for kids are designed to protect your child against the dangers that face you while driving. As far as possible, you should never drive with your child in the car unless they are safely secured in the car seat.

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What Are The Benefits of a Baby Monitor?

Currently, it is greatly recommended that every parent should buy a baby monitor. This is because baby monitors come forth with a great deal of benefits that every parent will enjoy. To begin with, baby monitors are basically designed to enable parents have a close check on their children despite the geographical distance between the two. It is one of the modern trends that have remarkably reduced to task of monitoring babies among parents.

The truth is that every parent feels comfortable knowing that their children are completely safe and properly tracked. It is important to note that baby monitors make you feel as if you are very close to your baby. The good thing is that technology keeps on advancing especially with regard to baby monitors. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to view images of your baby which is an added monitoring advantage. Do consider Watch My Tot for checking out the reviews of various baby monitors and getting the best deals online.

So, which are the benefits attached to the use of baby monitors?

Constant Tracking

It is always the aim of every parent to have a close look on their babies at all times. However, it might not be possible to ensure that especially if you do not have the right device to help you out. One thing you will like about baby monitors is that you will be in a position to closely and constantly monitor your baby. Upon linking up the transmitter and the receiver, a parent can be in connection with their children for as long as they wish.

Wide Scope Of Coverage

It is important to note that technology has really advanced since there are monitors designed to cover a remarkably wide area. To be precise, video baby monitors are coming with features to enable you view the entire baby’s room. This means that you will not only have a clear focus on your baby’s crib but the entire room as well. The ideal gift for this Christmas will be to buy the best video monitor for your baby online. Some of the modern monitors come with a pun and tilt feature. The feature allows the camera to move side-to-side and in a vertical motion to ensure that the scope of coverage is indeed wide.

Surveillance Even At Night

It is just incredible that there are monitors which come with a night vision feature. Needless to say, at times children tend to be restless at night. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you keep a very close watch on your baby even at late hours. The good thing is that you do not necessarily require moving from your room to that of your baby. There are monitors that come with a night vision feature to ensure that you receive clear images when in your room.

Health Emergency Alerts

One thing that you must bear in mind is that children can get sick when least expected. Things can even get worse when you are away from your baby and without close surveillance. The good thing is that baby monitors can help you know when your baby is not in the right condition with regard to health. Some monitors come with emergency alert which signals the parent anytime a baby is not in the right health condition.

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